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Learning the Tennis Forehand

By Joshua Colomar and Mark Kovacs, PhD, FACSM, CSCS*D, CTPS, MTPS

Although the forehand is one of the most important strokes in the game of tennis, the research data on the stroke is less than the data seen on the serve. It is likely due to the more varied methods Continue reading

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Lateral Training Exercise Video for Younger Tennis Athletes: by Dean Hollingworth, CTPS

Guest Inner Circle Video Post on Lateral Training Exercise for Younger Tennis Athletes iTPA Certified Member Dean Hollingworth, CTPS.  Continue reading

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Single Leg Stability Training for Groundstrokes – by Oliver Stephens

This guest post by CTPS and MTPS Certified Member Oliver Stephens is a great read.

If you observe modern tennis played at all levels from Intermediate Juniors to High Level Professionals, you will notice how the better players often seem to be more stable and have better balance than their opponents do.

The dictionary definition of stability contains the following: Continue reading

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Presentation Slides From Performance Lectures at 2014 Tennis Medicine & Performance Conference

On July 19th and 20th, 2014 the iTPA and STMS combined to host the 2014 Tennis Medicine & Performance Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). This great 2 day education event brought together experts in all aspects of tennis medicine, science, performance training and coaching. As many of the iTPA family could not attend in person we are providing some resources for our members in over 24 countries. In this post you will see a selection of the performance focused presentation slides.


If you are interested in viewing 10 of the most well-attended sessions during the conference, please visit the link below with the ability to subscribe to over 7 hours of video from the conference 2014 Tennis Medicine & Performance Conference Videos

Continue reading

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Video: Crossover Drill for Tennis

Below is a short video by Satoshi Ochi demonstrating a Crossover Drill for Tennis. Continue reading

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Biomechanics of the Tennis Groundstrokes: Implications for Strength Training

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff

Strategy used to play tennis has undergone a dramatic change within the last 20-30 years. A large change is the differences in groundstroke technique. Continue reading

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Physical and Physiological Demands of Tennis

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff

The modern game of tennis continues to progress and evolve. There are numerous ways for any player at any skill level to participate. The physicality of tennis continually grows along with the demands placed on the body. The focus of the game has changed from finesse to power and speed. Continue reading

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Live Session Video Clip from Todd Martin & iTPA Tennis Coaches Workshop: Runaround Forehand Drill

This live session video clip on the Runaround Forehand was filmed in December 2013 at the Todd Martin and iTPA Tennis Coaches Workshop. Continue reading

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Learning From the Novak Djokovic Return of Serve

Novak Djokovic has arguably the best return of serve in the game today. His backhand return of serve is possibly the best backhand return of all time. Although Continue reading

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The Runaround Forehand Footwork Drill – Young Athlete

As the runaround forehand is a major potential weapon for all athletes, developing the appropriate footwork pattern at a young age should be a goal of any coach Continue reading

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