iTPA TPT Member Available to Train Tennis Players in Pilates Before, During and After US Open

iTPA TPT Member Lori Gross is available to train tennis players in Pilates at her studio which is 15 miles from Flushing Meadows stadium before, during and after the US Open. Her information is below:

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Should Young Kid Lift Weights? What Does the Science Tell Us?

For the last few decades, the discussion around whether young kids should lift weights or perform resistance training has progressed substantially. It is important to review the science around resistance training in young individuals and make decisions about training based … Continue reading

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Help Your Players Learn How To Eat Like the Pros: Tennis Sport Nutrition Trends

Listen to the below webinar presented by iTPA Certification Commissioner Page Love on Tennis Sport Nutrition Trends.

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Video: Crossover Drill for Tennis

Below is a short video by Satoshi Ochi demonstrating a Crossover Drill for Tennis.

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Mental Skills Training for Tennis Players: An Added Skill Set for the Tennis Performance Specialist

Tennis is an individual sport. Therefore, it is imperative for players to develop intrinsic values, motives, and self-control. In today’s game,

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Recovery interventions and strategies for improved tennis performance

Improving the recovery capabilities of the tennis athlete is receiving more emphasis in the research communities, and also by practitioners (coaches, physical trainers, tennis performance specialists, physical therapists, etc). The purpose of this article was to

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Analyzing Roger Federer’s Backhand

As the current greatest tennis player of all time, it is hard to find too many weaknesses in Roger Federer’s game.

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iTPA Executive Director Dr. Mark Kovacs Radio Show Link

Click below to listen to the iTPA’s Executive Director Dr. Mark Kovacs being interviewed on by Alex Ramirez 4/23/2014

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10 Key Concepts of Youth Physical Fitness

Improving youth physical fitness is a major objective of city, state, regional and federal government agencies, multiple organizations and trade associations, non-profits and private companies. Below is an article provided by

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Position Statement on Youth Resistance Training: The 2014 International Consensus

The summary of the document concludes with this statement: “A compelling body of scientific evidence supports participation in appropriately designed youth resistance training programmes that are supervised and instructed by qualified professionals.” Read the position stand for more detail:

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