10 Key Concepts of Youth Physical Fitness

Improving youth physical fitness is a major objective of city, state, regional and federal government agencies, multiple organizations and trade associations, non-profits and private companies. Below is an article provided by

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Position Statement on Youth Resistance Training: The 2014 International Consensus

The summary of the document concludes with this statement: “A compelling body of scientific evidence supports participation in appropriately designed youth resistance training programmes that are supervised and instructed by qualified professionals.” Read the position stand for more detail:

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Planning and Periodization for the Elite Junior Tennis Player

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff Planning and periodization for the development of the tennis player is paramount for short and long term success, improvement in performance and the reduction in the likelihood of injuries. Most elite junior tennis players’ development … Continue reading

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Todd Martin and Mark Kovacs Tennis Serve Tips: Video

View this video clip from Todd Martin and Dr. Mark Kovacs discussing the serve. This is taken from the Drills and Exercises to Improve the Tennis Serve DVD, now available for purchase at http://www.itpa-tennis.org/dvds.html.

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Biomechanics of the Tennis Groundstrokes: Implications for Strength Training

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff Strategy used to play tennis has undergone a dramatic change within the last 20-30 years. A large change is the differences in groundstroke technique.

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Physical and Physiological Demands of Tennis

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff The modern game of tennis continues to progress and evolve. There are numerous ways for any player at any skill level to participate. The physicality of tennis continually grows along with the demands placed on … Continue reading

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Heat at the Australian Open

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff For 4 days at the first week of the Australian Open a heat wave swept over Melbourne that has not been seen in a century. During the first week of the tournament (Tuesday through Friday), … Continue reading

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Live Session Video Clip from Todd Martin & iTPA Tennis Coaches Workshop: Runaround Forehand Drill

This live session video clip on the Runaround Forehand was filmed in December 2013 at the Todd Martin and iTPA Tennis Coaches Workshop.

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The Effect of Grip Size on the Hitting Force During a Soft Tennis Forehand Stroke

Here is a very interesting research article looking at the influence of grip size on hitting force. This study just focused on the forehand, but the information is very interesting and useful for individuals who work with tennis players both … Continue reading

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Do Lefties Have An Advantage in Tennis?

Do Lefties Have An Advantage in Tennis? By Doug Eng EdD PhD, CTPS, CSCS

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