Youth Athletic Development: International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement

Below are some of the conclusions from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) consensus statement on youth athletic development which was recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Some very interesting conclusions and ideas presented. Very relevant for any

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Shoulders, Core and Legs: Keys to Great Throwing and Striking Sports Performance in Female Athletes

By LaRue E. Cook Certified Tennis Performance Specialist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Trainers can have a significant positive impact on both performance and injury reduction by developing the appropriate strength training program for their athletes.

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Physical and Mental Demands of Common Tennis Drills

By Oliver Statham, CTPS   iTPA Staff Elite senior and junior players usually have training time constraints due to either school or year-round tournament commitments. Therefore, understanding the physical and mental demands of drills within a practice session is fundamental to … Continue reading

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Practical Suggestions To Prevent Travel Stress, Travel Fatigue and Jet Lag

By Oliver Statham, iTPA Staff Research the health-related conditions in the country you are visiting and ensure your immunizations are current. Click on the following web links for more information about travel-related health requirements at your destination.

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Air Pollution: The Unseen Risk to a Player’s Health and Performance

By Oliver Statham, CTPS The rise in air pollution is currently attributed to 2 million premature deaths each year, ranking it the 13th leading cause of death worldwide.1 Children and elite athletes are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of … Continue reading

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Jet Lag: a Traveling Tennis Player’s Toughest 1st Round Opponent

By Oliver Statham, iTPA staff All competitive tennis players have to deal with jet lag at some points throughout their competitive life. Professional players from around the globe pack their bags ready for another year of constant travel, typically involving … Continue reading

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Participate in a Research Study on Burnout In Coaches

Participate in a Research Study on Burnout In Coaches Prof. Dr. Michael Kellmann of Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, is conducting research into the factors that contribute to burnout amongst coaches. We invite you to participate in the survey to help … Continue reading

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Serena Takes an Espresso Shot: Does Caffeine Aid the Tennis Athletes?

Serena Takes An Espresso Shot: Does Caffeine Aid The Tennis Athlete? Over the past couple of days much discussion has been made about the espresso shot that Serena Williams consumed on court during her Hopman Cup match. News outlets like … Continue reading

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New Job Opportunity

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Great job opportunity with the iTF for a someone with an interest in online tennis education. The iTPA works very closely with the ITF and specifically the icoach to provide high quality coach education material. 

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Hydration Issues in Sport

Heat-related illness and death are on the rise. Each year about 200 people in the US die from heat stroke, making it one of the top three causes of death in athletes. Yet heat illness and dehydration are largely preventable. … Continue reading

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