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What are the Physiological Responses to Tennis Tournaments?

By Joshua Colmar, iTPA Intern

It is known that tennis is a very demanding sport. Tennis movement is a combination of eccentric-concentric muscle action; all movements are rapid and explosive and include accelerations, decelerations, stretches, jumps and strokes. Continue reading

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Physical and Mental Demands of Common Tennis Drills

By Oliver Statham, CTPS   iTPA Staff

Elite senior and junior players usually have training time constraints due to either school or year-round tournament commitments. Therefore, understanding the physical and mental demands of drills within a practice session is fundamental to delivering a well-structured periodized program for optimal physical and technical development. Continue reading

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Presentation Slides From Performance Lectures at 2014 Tennis Medicine & Performance Conference

On July 19th and 20th, 2014 the iTPA and STMS combined to host the 2014 Tennis Medicine & Performance Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). This great 2 day education event brought together experts in all aspects of tennis medicine, science, performance training and coaching. As many of the iTPA family could not attend in person we are providing some resources for our members in over 24 countries. In this post you will see a selection of the performance focused presentation slides.


If you are interested in viewing 10 of the most well-attended sessions during the conference, please visit the link below with the ability to subscribe to over 7 hours of video from the conference 2014 Tennis Medicine & Performance Conference Videos

Continue reading

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Physical and Physiological Demands of Tennis

By Josh Bramblett, iTPA Staff

The modern game of tennis continues to progress and evolve. There are numerous ways for any player at any skill level to participate. The physicality of tennis continually grows along with the demands placed on the body. The focus of the game has changed from finesse to power and speed. Continue reading

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The Effect of Grip Size on the Hitting Force During a Soft Tennis Forehand Stroke

Here is a very interesting research article looking at the influence of grip size on hitting force. This study just focused on the forehand, but the information is very interesting and useful for individuals who work with tennis players both from a performance perspective (increased racket head speed and force) as well as an injury prevention perspective (wrist/elbow/shoulder injuries). Continue reading

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The Runaround Forehand Footwork Drill – Young Athlete

As the runaround forehand is a major potential weapon for all athletes, developing the appropriate footwork pattern at a young age should be a goal of any coach Continue reading

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Reaction Time 101

One area which can have an immediate impact on how fast an athlete appears in short distances is the athlete’s reaction time. Reaction time is defined as Continue reading

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Satoshi Ochi On Court Video Presentation from STMS/USTA Injury Prevention Conference: Developing Power

In this 1 hour 20 minute video, Satoshi Ochi (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for USTA Player Development and a member of the iTPA Advisory Board), Continue reading

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iTPA Tennis Stroke Mechanics and Injury Prevention Dec 2012 Seminar: Video

This 1 hour 30 minute seminar video provides the latest information on how to analyze tennis technique to improve performance and limit the likelihood of injury. Continue reading

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STMS/USTA Tennis Medicine & Injury Prevention 2012 Conference: Summary and Intro

It was a real honor for the iTPA to be heavily involved in the STMS/USTA Tennis Medicine & Injury Prevention Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia Dec 15th & 16th, 2012 hosted at Life University. The quality of speakers was outstanding. Continue reading

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