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Shoulders, Core and Legs: Keys to Great Throwing and Striking Sports Performance in Female Athletes

By LaRue E. Cook
Certified Tennis Performance Specialist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Trainers can have a significant positive impact on both performance and injury reduction by developing the appropriate strength training program for their athletes. Continue reading

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The Dynamic Warm Up Part 2: Guest Post by Dean Hollingworth, CTPS

Part 2 of 2: Guest post by iTPA Certified Member Dean Hollingworth, CTPS on the Dynamic Warm Up. Continue reading

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Pilates for Tennis Training: Strength + Flexibility = Power Performance

Pilates for Tennis Training: Strength + Flexibility = Power Performance

Guest Post by Lori Ettlinger Gross, TPT

Resistance training for tennis performance has two functions: 1) to improve  a player’s strength because explosive power is essential in the game today, and 2) to decrease the risk of injury. Pilates  Continue reading

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Olympic Lifting Pros and Cons for The College Tennis Player: Audio Clip

Olympic Lifting Pros and Cons for The College Tennis Player – A Perspective from a noted Orthopedic Surgeon who has been a Team Physician for Olympic Weightlifting at the 200 Summer Olympics and who works with dozens of professional, collegiate and high school tennis athletes. Continue reading

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Video: Thera Band Tubing Row Exercise

iTPA demonstrates and discusses the Thera Band Tubing Row Exercise. Continue reading

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Dynamic Stretching – New York Times Video

Very practical article from the NY Times on Dynamic Stretching. This article involves a video with Dr. Mark Kovacs (ITPA Exectuive Director) discussing dynamic stretching and Satoshi Ochi (ITPA Advisory Board Member and Head Strength Coach for the USTA Player Development program) performing a number of tennis relevant dynamic stretches that help to increase functional range of motion, develop an athlete’s stability and strength and provide a valuable use of time during warm-ups for tennis training or competition.

Continue reading

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