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Dynamic Stretching – New York Times Video

Very practical article from the NY Times on Dynamic Stretching. This article involves a video with Dr. Mark Kovacs (ITPA Exectuive Director) discussing dynamic stretching and Satoshi Ochi (ITPA Advisory Board Member and Head Strength Coach for the USTA Player Development program) performing a number of tennis relevant dynamic stretches that help to increase functional range of motion, develop an athlete’s stability and strength and provide a valuable use of time during warm-ups for tennis training or competition.

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Tennis – The Answer to Childhood Obesity?

I think we all understand the many lifelong benefits of tennis play from a health, fitness and wellness perspective. However, much of the interest has traditionally been in how tennis can improve individual’s life as they age, cardiovascular health, bone density, muscle strength, etc. These are all important benefits of tennis play and will be discussed in other posts. As tennis provides so many physical and mental benefits, it should be considered a major tool in reversing the disturbing trend in childhood obesity levels in developed nations. Continue reading

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