Retraining the Injured Tennis Athlete

By Oliver Statham, CTPS Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world with participation in more than 200 countries affiliated with the International Tennis Federation. Like many other sports, playing tennis places participants at risk of injury,

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By Joshua Colomar, iTPA Intern In analyzing the psychological characteristics of highly skilled athletes, we find mental toughness as an important component many different ways (both practically and theoretically). However, many authors describe the importance of mental toughness, but consensus … Continue reading

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Does Heat Affect Oxidative Stress in Tennis Players?

Oxidative balance is something that is discussed in many different circles, from elite athletes to the everyday person.

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Learning the Tennis Forehand

By Joshua Colomar and Mark Kovacs, PhD, FACSM, CSCS*D, CTPS, MTPS Although the forehand is one of the most important strokes in the game of tennis, the research data on the stroke is less than the data seen on the … Continue reading

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Can Shock Microcycles Improve Preseason Training in Professional Tennis Players?

by Joshua Colomar (iTPA) and Mark Kovacs, PhD, CTPS, MTPS (iTPA) The calendar of a tennis player at the junior, collegiate or professional level is increasing each year. The demands have increased with exhibition events,

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Development of Fatigue During Tennis Matchplay: What Do We Know?

By Joshua Colomar and Mark Kovacs, PhD, CTPS, MTPS Classical descriptions present tennis as a prolonged activity (2-4 hours) of repeated, high-intensity bouts interspersed with standardized rest periods.

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One Handed vs Two Handed Backhand? Performance Factors and Implications

Backhand groundstrokes are gaining importance in modern tennis. 20 or 30 years ago, many players had weaker backhands than forehands. In the modern game it is very difficult

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What are the Physiological Responses to Tennis Tournaments?

By Joshua Colmar, iTPA Intern It is known that tennis is a very demanding sport. Tennis movement is a combination of eccentric-concentric muscle action; all movements are rapid and explosive and include accelerations, decelerations, stretches, jumps and strokes.

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Combat Sports and Tennis: What Can We Learn?

by Dominic King, CTPS, MTPS, ASCC, PES I love to look around at many different sports and consider the transferable qualities that each sport can bring to tennis and how we can improve our training as a result. I believe … Continue reading

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Video: Taking Care of Your Body During Week of Tennis Matches

Video by iTPA Executive Director Dr. Mark Kovacs discussing dos and don’ts of preparation and recovery during week of tennis matches. Geared toward tennis players, but coaches can glean important info as well to share with players.

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